rapid response


Whether on the ground or in the air, are a part of every day life most of the US and Europe; however, for many regions and communities, the reality of basic life saving services...

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medical access

Local Care

Many people are suffering each day, while they wait for an expensive opening in a local surgical hospital to receive outpatient surgery. Bella Vista is on a mission to acquire, renovate and equip several outpatient...

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New Hospital

Each year, tens of thousands of people go without the basic and necessary care and treatment they need. Many of these people die from causes that have not claimed lives in the US, UK...

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Some of Our Latest Projects

  • We Care California
    We Care California

    Why suffer when you can have surgery now? Bella Vista has endeavoured to acquire, renovate and implement several new surgical centres in California. This facility would serve our...

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  • Public Transportation
    Public Transportation

    How do you get to the Doctor? A new Hospital and updated Medical care are GREAT! BUT, what happens to all the people that don't have transportation, or...

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  • New Hospital
    New Hospital

    Our latest and biggest project yet! Bella Vista is on a mission to build a NEW Hospital in the Province of Vidin, Bulgaria.  Despite it's 100,000 residents, and...

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  • Rapid Response
    Rapid Response

    Ambulances are more than Just Taxis Ambulances, whether on the ground or in the air, are a part of every day life most of the US and Europe; however,...

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