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BVMC Video (Architectural Rendering)

For a detail description of this project with budgetary information, please go to the main Hospital Project page.  

This is a rendering of what we envision for the new Bella Vista Medical Center (BVMC) in Vidin, Bulgaria, EU. The hospital depicted in this video was designed by Pace Architectural firm and is currently being build in Kuwait. We have been in communication with Pace for the purposes of using this hospital as the basis and foundation for the design and construction of BVMC.

This video was created by Bexel Consulting and embeded merely as a depiction of our vision for the future.

If you would like to make a Donation to this project, please contact us (information listed below) or visit our donation page for this project (Click to Donate).  Additionally, if you have any questions of comments, or would like further information, please visit our contact page or call or email us at:
US:  +1 310 526-3299
BG: +359 8899 23552

We need research to understand and fight disease. But research is often limited by access to patients and availability of diseased tissues to study. 'Disease models' can help overcome these problems by enabling scientists to examine diseases in the lab. Stem cells, including reprogrammed or 'iPS' cells, are a new source of cells that can be used as models for diseases which are otherwise difficult to explore.

New tools for disease research: reprogrammed cells in disease modelling

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