Center for Tissue Repair

Bella Vista International Foundation is working to secure funds for the construction of a new Centre for Tissue Repair (CTR). 

Construction of this facility will be done alongside the new Bella Vista Medical Centre (BVMC)and will considerably expand our research capacity when complete. Together CTR and BVMC will form part of the University’s campus which, when complete in 2025, will be home to over 500 researchers.

Our Centre for Tissue Repair will provide purpose built laboratory facilities which will provide space to accommodate development of a multinational, interdisciplinary research environment, integrating chemists alongside biologists and clinical researchers to address key challenges in the translation and commercialisation of regenerative therapies. State-of-the-art research space will be provided for over 200 researchers.

The new centre will initially focus on tissue generation and repair of these five tissue types: 

  • Central nervous system (CNS)
    • regenerating nerves (sensory and motor)
    • regenerative repair to the spine
    •  regenerative repair to the brain (such as in Alzheimers , etc)
  • Liver
  • Cardiovascular including
    • Heart
    • Haematopoietic system (bone marrow, spleen, thymus & lymph nodes)
  • Lungs
  • Skin Tissue


    Size:  500+ Researchers
    Budget: $15 Million

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