New Tertiary Care, Teaching Hospital

Watch a VIDEO of the 3D Architectural Rendering

Bella Vista is on a mission to build a NEW Hospital in the Province of Vidin, Bulgaria.  Despite it's 100,000 residents, and the EU's declaration that this is a key cooridor.  Each year, tens of thousands of people go without the basic and necessary care and treatment they need.  Many of these people die from causes that have not claimed lives in the US, UK or other 1st world countries for decades.

New Tertiary Care, Teaching HospitalThis Tertiary Care Facility will not only server the Province of Vidin, but also the Provinces of Montana, Vratsa in Bulgaria, as well as the most South Western Region of Romania, and the South Eastern Regions of Serbia.

Our vision for Bella Vista Regional Medical Center does not stop with local and tertiary Medical Care, but we believe that we must also help to improve the skills and knowledge of the medical professionals. We are extending your investment into the future, by teaching and certifying new and existing doctors, nurses and emergency responders from all over the world.

Given its economic state, Bulgaria offers a unique opportunity to allow us to give high quality education at community college prices. We envision students and doctors from all over Europe, Russia, USA, and the rest of the world (with the help of our Visa and Immigration specialists) to be able to study in this unique environment. This facility will forward research and development to allow this once forgotten region, to become a region that breathes new and healthier life into the world by generating new generations of highly skilled medical professionals with real-world training.

Size:  500 Beds
Budget: €750 Million

Full Details and downloadable plan HERE