Public Transportation

How do you get to the Doctor?

A new Hospital and updated Medical care are GREAT! BUT, what happens to all the people that don't have transportation, or any means of getting to the Medical facility???

The NorthWestern Region of Bulgaria, which is part the European Union, is the poorest region of the EU.  The Average monthly Salary is approximately 300€ per MONTH.  With Public Transportationthe Highest unemployment rate in Europe, jobs are few and far between. This is primarily because manufactures do not want to place factories or jobs in a region where people cannot get to work and there is no adequate medical care to ensure a healthy workforce.

Bella Vista has unanimously voted to improve the lives and health of the people of this Region, by acquiring and implementing a public transportation system that will allow people (both able bodied and handicapped) to get to the medical care they need, while enabling workers to get to jobs.

Jobs = money
Money = Better Food & hygiene
Better Food & hygiene = Better Health
Better Health = Less time in Hospital, and Longer, Better Life

And don’t we all deserver a Longer and Better Quality of Life?

Budget: €4.5 Million