Rapid Response

Ambulances are more than Just Taxis

Ambulances, whether on the ground or in the air, are a part of every day life most of the US and Europe; however, for many regions and communities, the reality of basic life saving emergency services, is a luxury which they may never live to see.

In 2016, in the village of Negovanovtsi in Europe, mechanic Peter Smith (a British Citizen in his 50’s) had a minor heart attack.  Approximately 30 minutes later, an 'Ambulance' arrived at his home.  Approximately 4 hours later, he arrived at a hospital that had basic Cardiology facilities.   Peter Died in that very same hospital.  If that Ambulance had been fully equipped and had better trained Staff, Peter would likely enjoying another several decades of life.

  • Around half of all heart attack deaths occur within one hour of the heart attack when the patient can't get to a hospital
  • For every minute that a victim of cardiac arrest waits to receive defibrillation, their odds of survival decrease by about 10 percent.

Bella Vista is currently working to provide 12 fully equipped Ambulances, 20 Fast Response Vehicles, for the Province of Vidin in the European Union. Additionally, we are working to acquire 2 fully equipped, Life Saving, Emergency Response Helicopters which will provide emergency Life Saving Coverage for the Provinces of Vidin, Montana and Vratsa, as well as the South-western Region of Romania and the South-eastern Region of Serbia in Europe.

Simply supplying equipment is not nearly enough, we will also be training Emergency Response Technicians to staff these vehicles as well as setting aside enough funds to cover expenses for the first year of operation.

Project Size: 12 Ambulances, 20 Fast Response Vehicles, 2 Air Ambulances, Full Equipment for all vehicles, staff training and 1 year budget

Budget: $4.8 Million