Order of Funding for Current Projects

There are so many in need, and so many projects that could make a difference in the world. But how do you decide which projects should be funded and launched first, and if I donate to Medical care or Donate to Medical Research, how will my donation help?

Bella Vista is spearheading several different project segments, but all of them are connected.  To better answer your question, this is the order in which we are proceeding with out projects, and why:

  1. California Outpatient surgical centers
  2. Bella Vista Medical Center
    1. Center for Tissue Research
    2. Basic Medical Education Facilities
    3. Rapid Response Vehicles
    4. Mobile Medical Facilities
    5. New Tertiary Care Hospital
    6. Advanced Medical Education Facilities

California Outpatient or ASC (Ambulatory Surgical Center)

Order of Funding for Current ProjectsWhenever you are out to make a positive impact in the world, it is always best to start at home first.  As such, we have looked at our local community and found that there is a huge number of people waiting for surgeries. Once these surgeries are completed, these individuals will be able to resume their normal lives, which includes returning to work.  This will lessen the burden on and alleviating the burden on their families, friends and institutions, as well as restoring tax dollars to the economy, which we desperately need.

In addition to the altruistic purposes, this also will bring greatly needed revenue into Bella Vista for use in our other projects, via the Doctors, Insurance companies, and Donors.  

Finally, these centers will be used as educational facilities, to teach foreign doctors new, less invasive and life saving techniques and procedures which they can in turn utilise and teach to others for the purposes of providing medical care and training to those who otherwise do not have access to it.

Bella Vista Medical Center

Center for Tissue Repair

Bella Vista Center for Tissue RepairTwo of the greatest medical issues facing our society today, are Alzheimer's and the lack of viable organs for transplant procedures. As such, Bella Vista has set its sights on remedying both of the situations with a clear and focused Research pathway.  

The Research community has made great strides in the use of stem cells to repair the damage done by Alzheimer's disease. That same field of research has made great progress in growing organs from cells taken from our very own bodies.  This means that we no longer need to ensure matches for organs, nor do we need to take anti-rejection medication, as these organs have been grown from our own tissue, and carry our own DNA.

No longer will we have to worry if we will be able to enjoy our retirements with our memories and sanity intact, nor will people have to die while waiting on a lengthy transplant list for a new heart or lung, which may not even successfully function once transplanted into our bodies.

The Center for Tissue Repair will be the first of many building to be located on the site for the new Bella Vista Medical Center, which will not only allow us to do our research at a fraction of the typical costs, but also allow us to stimulate an economy which is in dire need.

For these reasons, CTR has been prioritised second on our Project plan.

Bella Vista Medical Center - Basic Medical Education Facilities 

We would love to deploy new Rapid Response vehicles, or open a new hospital in the Northwestern region of Bulgaria in the EU; however, without properly trained staff, they would be nothing more than rusting vehicles and a dusty building which cannot service nor assist anyone.  For this reason, Bella Vista will first open a new BASIC medical training facility.  This facility will train first responders, such as EMTs, Paramedics and mobile nurses.  We will also teach Phlebotomists and lab techs for use in CTR on the Bella Vista Medical Center campus.

Bella Vista Medical Center - Rapid Response Vehicles

Rapid Response/ Ambulance/ MedevacThe amount of time it takes for a person to receive basic and advanced medical care after a medical emergency occurs, will determine the survivability and permanent impairment sustained from the incident.  If we could put properly equipped Rapid Response Vehicles, Ambulances and Medevac craft with the new trained EMTs, Paramedics, and ER nurses from Bella Vista's Basic medical training facility, we would greatly increase the survivability while decreasing the permanent disabilities resulting from medical emergencies in the region.

Bella Vista Medical Center - Mobile Medical

Mobile Medical ClinicFrom the date we first started this project in 2015,  Bella Vista Medical Center (BVMC) will take a decade to build and open to the general public.  During this time, hundreds of thousands of people will either die or suffer due to a lack of sufficient medical care, screening and treatment.  And once BVMC is open to the public, we will still have a strong need for mobile facilities to reach the outlying towns and villages, as the majority of the population will be unable to travel the distance needed to receive regular medical care.

For more than 50 years, hospitals have used mobile medical facilities to diagnose, and treat patients, as well as to share the cost of expensive technologies, like MRI and PET scanners.  

Mobile MRI/ PET/ X-RayBella Vista will deploy several mobile medical trucks as well as companion trucks for radiological needs, such as MRI, PET and X-ray.  With the implementation of these facilities, Bella Vista will be able to start healing the region of Northwestern Bulgaria, as well as start giving practical, real-world experience to the nurses who have graduated from the basic training programs at the new BVMC campus.  This practical experience will help them to prepare for the opening of BVMC in 2025.

Bella Vista Medical Center - new Tertiary Care Facility

Bella Vista Medical CenterThe heart and soul of the BVMC campus will be the new Tertiary Care Facility.  This Facility will open up a whole new world for people of this region and the world. BVMC will be a primary medical care facility for the Northwestern region of Bulgaria, but it will also be a tertiary care facility for the entirety of Bulgaria as well as parts of Romania, Greece and Serbia.

This facility is not only a hospital for the urgent needs, but will also serve as a base of operations for the Center for Tissue Repair. A place where new procedures can be pioneered and new techniques can be perfected.  This facility will be the proving ground for the worlds answers to dementia, and organ failure.  In short, BVMC may be the place that is responsible for saving you and or your loved ones lives.

Bella Vista Medical Center - Advanced Medical Education Facilities 

The final stage in the birth and development of BVMC, will be the opening of the Medical School on the Bella Vista campus. Bella Vista will train a new generation of Doctors and Psychologist to complete the healing process of this region and to improve the quality of medical care, world wide.  UBV will be the educational arm of the BVMC, and will fully integrate our research, ER, surgical, and diagnostics facilities into a fully circle medical camps.  

Whether you are a patient, doctor, nurse, technician or student; Bella Vista will be the place to care for your medical needs.

With the Exception of the US Based surgical centers, all projects are included in the total budget of Bella Vista Medical Center.

Please Donate Now to help us bring this vision to life, and make the world a better, healthier place for many generations to come.