YES! Bella Vista International Foundation was granted 501c3 status by the United States Government, Department of Internal Revenue Services in 2017.  You can verify our current status by visiting the IRS governmental website and searching for our company, or by clicking this link:


With the variety of projects that Bella Vista has endeavoured, we welcome any additional assistance that is offered to us.  Whether you are a Website Designer, Accountant, Architect, Translator, Construction worker or have any other skillsets, Bella Vista would love to hear from you.

Please email our outreach devision to help us to help others when they need it most.


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Bella Vista's mission and goals have created a vast number of volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, please email out Outreach Division via email at:



YES! Bella Vista accepts donations of Equipment, Supplies and Goods Worldwide.

Equipment and Supplies are very much in high demand.  If you have Equipment or Supplies you would like to donate, please email us so that we can supply delivery details or arrange for pickup (depending on items and cost)



Financial Donations are not only appreciated, but a necessity for and Non-Profit Corporation.

If you would like to make a Donation, please visit our Donations Page so that you can choose which cause you would like your funds to go toward.


YES!  Most non-profit organisations use a percentage of their cash donations to pay for the operational costs of the company.  In order cover our operational costs, and thereby direct more of the donated funds directly to the causes you choose, Bella Vista has decided to open 3 avenues of generating income. They are:

  • Global Online Charity Shop   143Bella.com
  • Italian Products Online Charity Shop  143Bella.it
  • Surgical Centres (California Based Outpatient Centres)

Bella Vista is acquiring, renovating and upgrading several Surgical Centres in California. These Centres serve several purposes.  Doctors my rent the facilities by the hour (or portion thereof) for surgical procedures on their patients.  This is a significantly reduced rate with friendly and professional staff, as well as state of the art technology, to ensure great outcomes and rapid patient recovery.

Additionally, these Facilities are used for pro-bono cases for people of severe deformity or trauma.  We select these cases based upon the positive impact on the patients quality of life, mobility, or length of life.

Receipts for donations are automatically emailed to you at the time you make the donation.  If you have not received your tax deductible receipt, or would like a replacement, please email our donations department who will happily send you a copy of your tax-deductible receipt.



Bella Vista International Foundation is a registered 501c3 Corporation. We are registered with the US Government.  If you are a US Citizen or Resident or a Company that has Tax liabilities in the USA, then you are eligible to receive a tax benefit according to the IRS:

Deductibility Status

In general, an individual who itemizes deductions may deduct contributions to most charitable organizations up to 50% of his or her adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks. Individuals generally may deduct charitable contributions to other organizations up to 30% of their adjusted gross income (computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks). These limitations (and organizational status) are indicated as follows:

Code Type of organization and use of contribution. Deductibility Limitation
PC A public charity. 50%
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YES! You can view the Letter by clicking on this Link, or you may download a PDF version of the letter by clicking HERE

Of Course! Our Articles of incorporation are of Public record and can be acquire from the State of California; however, as a matter of Transparency, we have posted our articles of Incorporation on this website. Here are two Links to assist you:


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The IRS Tax Identifier for Bella Vista International Foundation is:

EIN:   82-2515855

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Bella Vista International Foundation was formed as a legal body in California, USA in 2017

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There are so many in need, and so many projects that could make a difference in the world.  But how do you decide which projects should be funded and launched first?  As this is such an important topic, it needed more than a short sentence to properly answer. 

Please click here for a full explanation of what order the projects will be funded.

However, if you are looking for a short answer, it is:

  1. California Outpatient surgical centers
  2. Bella Vista Medical Center
    1. Center for Tissue Research
    2. Basic Medical Educational Facilities
    3. Rapid Response Vehicles
    4. Mobile Medical Facilities
    5. New Tertiary Care Hospital
    6. Advanced Educational Facilities
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The Original Vision for Bella Vista was Dr Knight. He envisioned Bella Vista after traveling throughout the United States and several Countries in Europe. He found that many regions had adequate and well-established medical care, whilst other were extremely lacking. You can read more about this on our About Us page

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